My Mom is the real warrior 

It’s hard to wrap my head around the fact that almost 2 weeks ago I went in for my seventh, I repeat, SEVENTH shoulder surgery. I’m 20. I shouldn’t have had seven surgeries in my lifetime, nonetheless, seven just on my shoulders (2 on my left and 5 on my right.) With that being said, I’m very thankful through all of this (especially today) for my mom. It’s easy to forget how much my having EDS impacts those that I love. For my mom it is just as painful for her to watch me live with EDS and not be able to fix or help me,  but she does it flawlessly without ever showing me that she’s scared or worried. She calls doctors and physical therapists and specialists tirelessly just to simply see if there are other answers. She goes momma bear on ER doctors that don’t take EDS or my pain seriously. She still gets in bed with me when I’m crying and not feeling good because I’m just tired of everything and she gives me a shoulder to cry on. She tells me everything is going to be okay. She prays for me and with me. She is the strongest person I know and has the most beautiful heart that she shares with everyone. She’s sassy and gives me a laugh when I need one the most. I’m so incredibly blessed to have her as a momma and a best friend. So thank you so much, Mom, for holding my hand through another crazy adventure. I love you to the moon and back! 


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