Take a walk in my hooves…

So I’m kicking off this blog with a little pet peeve of mine. As someone who has had lots of surgery and things not going right with my body pretty much my whole life, a lot of people have felt like it’s okay to joke about it as if it’s a light issue. For example, all through high school and still pretty frequently (but it was definitely worse in high school) I got jokes constantly about my shoulder problems. “Hey Syd, don’t throw a shoulder out!” or “Hey high five me, oh wait you can’t!” or just simply “Are you seriously having surgery again?” followed by an eye roll. I just want to know what exactly is so funny about that? Is someone being in an insane amount of pain and having to go to the Emergency Room for a dislocation funny because I don’t see the humor. You wouldn’t dare go up to a cancer patient and say “really, you’re going for chemo again!?” Living with Ehlers-Danlos is no different than any other chronic illness except unfortunately it falls into the category of an invisible illness so basically I look like I’m fine while I literally have to fight my body every single day just to function like a normal person. Oh and did I mention that there’s no cure, most doctors don’t even know how to treat it properly AND it gets worse as I get older? Those jokes don’t seem quite as funny once you step back and see that I live with chronic pain (literally almost every single day I have some type of pain that I have to suck up to live a normal life,) chronic dislocations and subluxations of multiple joints, bones that break easily, chronic headaches, a much higher risk for aneurysms and heart problems and not all pain medications or sedations work properly on me all thanks to the little genetic monster that is EDS. So to sum it up my body just simply does not do what it is supposed to. So fellow #ZebraWarriors out there, keep fighting and don’t continue to let people make jokes about what you’re going through, educate them. And those of you that think small jokes like that are harmless, you have no idea what kinds of battles someone may be fighting so live by this: if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. 
PS. here’s a link to explain the zebra references 🙂 

Why the Zebra?


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